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The Mystery of Green Hill
director: Cejen Cernic
feature film, 81 min, 2017.


Koko and his friends are spending summer vacation on the shores of a lake near the idyllic Green Hill, hanging out and playing. The magical countryside is disturbed by unusual events which alarm the children as well as the locals: under cover of night, burglars break into one house after another, stealing anything valuable they can find. When the police turns a blind eye to denunciations by adults, the children decide to take matters into their own hands and unmask the burglars.

Marko Tocilj - Koko
Alex Rakos - Tomo
Jan Pentek - Zohar
Tin Gregoric - Bozo
Jakov Piljek - Crni
Lucija Philips - Emica
Sara Colakovic - Marica
Toma Serdarevic - Ivo
Dora Bilic - Nina
Dijana Vidusin - Koko's Mom
Ozren Grabaric - Koko's Dad

Screenwriter: Hana Jusic
Producers: Ankica Juric Tilic, Hrvoje Pervan
DoP: Danko Vucinovic
Editor: Slaven Zecevic
Composer: Dinko Appelt
Sound designer: Dubravka Premar
Art director: Ivan Veljaca
Costume designer: Emina Kusan
Make-up artist: Martina Novakovic

- based on the book "The Mystery of Green Hill" by Ivan Kusan
- sales agent: MEDIA MOVE
- script development, project development and production supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre
- project developed with the support of Creative Europe Program – Subprogram MEDIA
- project participated at Cinekid Co-production Market 2013



* Pula Film Festival 2017, Pula, Croatia - competition program, Breza Award for best debutant (Cejen Cernic)


* Divan Film Festival 2017, Craiova, Romania
* Motovun Film Festival 2017, Buzet, Croatia - competition programme Buzz@teen
* Pula Film Festival 2017, Pula, Croatia - competition programme
* Filmfest München 2017, München, Germany - competition programme
* KinoKino International Film Festival for Children 2017, Zagreb, Croatia - competition programme