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The Last Serb in Croatia
director: Predrag Licina
feature film, 90 min, 2019
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Croatia, seven years after bankruptcy. There is a fight going on in the world – water has become more precious than oil! In order to get hold of it, the powerful are ready to start wars, conquer, destroy, and even plant a zombie-virus! Mico, a bon viveur from Zagreb, whose daily routine includes massage parlours, restaurants and cinemas, where he watches a movie series featuring his favourite actress Franka Anic, is caught completely off guard by the zombie-epidemics. Nevertheless, he boldly embarks on an Odyssey accompanied by his movie heroine, with one highly unattainable, goal: to survive!

Mico: Kresimir Mikic
Franka Anic: Hristina Popovic
Vesna: Tihana Lazovic
Maks: Dado Cosic
Lemi: Bojan Navojec
Jelena: Marina Redzepovic
Dejan: Dusan Bucan
Ante: Niksa Butijer
General Christain Ass Lee Turchinson: Sergej Trifunovic
Darko: Tin Gregoric
DJ Mrkva: Rene Bitorajac
Tone technician Trpimir: Janko Popovic Volaric
Francesca Gambini De La Norde: Severina Kojic

Screenwriter and director: Predrag Licina
Production: Kinorama (Croatia) and Art&Popocorn (Serbia)
Producers: Ankica Juric Tilic, Miroslav Mogorovic
DoP: Ivan Zadro
Editor: Tomislav Pavlic
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Composers: Jura Ferina and Pavao Miholjevic
Art director: Jana Piacun
Costume designer: Selena Orb
Makeup artist: Svetlana Gutic
Special effects makeup: Miroslav Lakobrija

Croatian distributor: 2i Film

- project supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Film Center Serbia



* Madeira Fantastic FilmFest 2020., Madeira - Best International Feature Film, Best Man Filmmaker, Z Award Best International Feature Film (Audience Award)
* Award Golden Studio 2020 for the best actor (Krešimir Mikić), Croatia
* Pula Film Festival 2019, Pula, Croatia - Breza award for best debutant (Predrag Ličina), Golden Arena for Best Actress (Hristina Popovic), Golden Arena for Best Make-up (Svetlana Gutic and Miroslav Lakobrija), Golden Arena for Best Production Design (Jana Piacun), Golden Arena for Best Costume Design (Selena Orb)
* Film for A!, Private art gymnasium award for best film 2019.


* South East European Film Festival 2020, Los Angeles, USA - competition programme
* Madeira Fantastic FilmFest 2020., Madeira - official competition
* Trieste Film Festival 2020, Trieste, Italy - non-competition programme
* Tromso International Film Festival 2020, Tromso, Norway - programme Overdrive
* Road Movie Festival 2019, Pilsen, Czech Republic
* Mostar Film Festival 2019, Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina - competition programme
* Cinedays European Film Festival 2019, Skopje, North Macedonia - programme Sinebalkan
* Cottbus Film Festival 2019, Cottbus, Germany - programme Spectrum
* Tuzla Film Festival 2019, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Actors Film Festival 2019, Vinkovci, Croatia
* LIFFE - International Film Directors' Festival 2019, Leskovac, Serbia - competition programme
* Betina Film Festival 2019, Betina, Croatia
* Zemunfest 2019, Belgrade, Serbia
* Full Moon Horror and Fantasy Film Festival 2019, Biertan, Romania
* International Road Movie Festival 2019, Pilsen, Czech Republic
* Grossmann 15th Fantastic Film & Wine Festival 2019, Ljutomer, Slovenia
* Pula Film Festival 2019, Pula, Croatia - competition programme
* SOFEST 2019, Sopot, Serbia - competition programme
* Sombor Film Festival 2019, Sombor, Serbia
* 21114 Film fest 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
* Horrorant Film Festival 2019, Athens, Greece
* Ravno Selo Film Fest 2019, Ravno Selo, Serbia - competition programme
* FEST 2019, Belgrade, Serbia - programme Serbian film

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