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director: Simon Bogojevic Narath
feature film, 95 min, 2022
Slika 6
Slika 6
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Slika 1
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Slika 2
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Slika 3
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Slika 4
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Slika 5

The year is 37 BC. A young Liburnian Volsus is taken by a Roman unit to help in what at first seems a simple task of collecting taxes, but the encounters with local Illyrian tribes soon lead to unexpected turns of events, as they show more resilience to subjugation than meets the eye. We see their archaic, emotional world of quaint and brutal laws and traditions through the eyes of this youngster, regarded by the Romans as a primitive barbarian, and gradually come to understand that their world is not all that different from our own.

Screenwriters: Simon Bogojević Narath, Saša Podgorelec
Producers: Ankica Jurić Tilić, Eva Rohrman, Alessandro Borrelli, Fatmir Spahiu, Amra Bakšić Čamo, Adis Đapo
DoP: Aleksandar Kavić
Editor: Damir Čučić
Composer: Mirko Jankov
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Art director: Giorgio Barullo
Costume designer: Zjena Glamočanin
Make-up artist: Ana Bulajić Črček

Filip Križan - Volsus
Labeat Bytyçi - Curtius
Ylber Bardhi - Darmocus
Robert Prebil - Centurion Decimus Fabius
Franjo Dijak - Lucius
Adrian Pezdirc - Publican Marcus Plautius
Edi Čelić – Leonidas
Alan Katić – Quintus
Elvis Bošnjak – Optio
Ana Takač – Vidarica
Ilir Prashtapica – Bato
Jasmin Telalović - Gallus
Siniša Labrović - Titus

Production: Kinorama (HR), Forum Ljubljana (SLO), La Sarraz Pictures (IT), Buka Production (KS), SCCA/pro.ba (BIH)

- script development, project development and production supported by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre
- project development supported by the Slovenian Film Centre, Kosova Cinematography Center, Ministry of Culture Italy, Viba Film, Croatian Radiotelevision, Eurimages and Friuli Giulia Venezia Film Comission
- project presented on CineLink Co-Production Market, 2016.
- project presented on Holland Film Meeting, 2016.



Pula Film Festival 2022., Pula, Croatia - Golden Arena for Best Make-Up to Ana Bulajić Črček
Bahia Independent Film Festival 2022., Bahia, Brazil - Best Narrative Feature Film
Seville Indie Film Festival 2023., Seville, Spain - Honourable Mention for Best Feature Film


Pula Film Festival 2022., Pula, Croatia - national competition programme
Sarajevo Film Festival 2022., Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – national competiton
International Festival of New Film 2022., Split, Croatia - Croatian Films
Slovenian Film Festival 2022., Portorož, Slovenia - competition programme
Bahia Independent Film Festival 2022., Bahia, Brazil - competition programme
Cottbus Film Festival 2022., Cottbus, Germany - programme HitsTorino Film Festival 2022., Torino, Italija - nenatjecateljski program
Oaxaca Film Festival 2022., Oaxaca, Mexico
Lulea International Film Festival 2022., Lulea, Sweden - competition programme
Boden International Film Festival 2022., Boden, Sweden - competition programme
Near Nazareth Festival 2022., Nazareth, Israel - competition programme
Paradise Film Festial 2023., Budapest, Hungary - competition programme
International Film Festival 2023., Belgrade, Serbia - non-competition programme
Bali Film Days 2023., Bali, Indonesia
Seville Indie Film Festival 2023., Seville, Spain - competition programme
Cine Paris Film Festival 2023., Paris, France

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