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Ankica Juric Tilic

Ankica graduated from the University of Zagreb – study of Comparative literature and French literature. At the moment, she is involved in PhD cultural studies at the same University. Ankica is also a graduate from EAVE programme 2007. and member of ACE and Producers Network de Cannes and Producers on the Move 2009. She is a member of Croatian Association of Film Workers and Croatian Association of Producers. She loves films.

Latest credits (as producer):

* 2018 Teret / The Load - coproducer, directed by Ognjen Glavonic, feature film
* 2018 Comic Sans, directed by Nevio Marasovic, feature film
* 2017 Uzbuna na Zelenom Vrhu / The Mystery of Green Hill, directed by Cejen Cernic, feature film
* 2016 Ne gledaj mi u pijat / Quit Staring at My Plate, directed by Hana Jusic, feature film
* 2016 Sve najbolje / All the Best, directed by Snjezana Tribuson, feature film
* 2015 Patrola na cesti / Road Patrol, directed by Zvonimir Juric, TV mini-series
* 2015 Zvizdan / The High Sun, directed by Dalibor Matanic, feature film
* 2015 Bit cemo prvaci svijeta / We Will Be The World Champions - coproducer, directed by Darko Bajic, feature film
* 2014 Ljubav ili smrt / Love or Death, directed by Daniel Kusan, feature film
* 2014 Pura / Polenta, directed by Ivan Veljaca, short fiction film
* 2014 Kosac / The Reaper, directed by Zvonimir Juric, feature film
* 2014 Kukuljica / Pupa, directed by Ivana Juric, short animated film