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Road Patrol
director: Zvonimir Juric
TV mini-series, 5 x 48 min, 2016

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- based on the book "Patrola na cesti" / "Road Patrol" by Jurica Pavicic

A long time ago Josip moved from his home town located on the border of Croatia and Herzegovina to Zagreb and works as a police officer, while his brother Frane stayed and always took the easy way out, even if it meant being on the wrong side of the law. Frane is married to Mara and they have a daughter, Josipa, whom he adores. When Josip and Frane's mother dies, Josip decides to return to his home town to take care of his father. The already complicated family relations will become even more complex when a police investigation on cross-border smuggling puts the two brothers on opposing sides.

Josip: Kresimir Mikic
Frane: Slavko Sobin
Mare: Natasa Janjic
Jakov: Mate Gulin
Josipa: Andjela Smit
Kate: Mirjana Sevo
Dario: Stipe Radoja
Anita: Daria Lorenci Flatz
Luka: Petar Ciritovic
Damjan: Jasmin Telalovic
Priest Andjelko: Ivo Gregurevic
Dario's mother: Nadezda Perisic Radovic
Ika: Nikola Ivosevic
Ante: Vinko Kraljevic
Davorka: Mirela Brekalo
Filip: Niksa Butijer
Drago: Trpimir Jurkic
Inspector: Igor Kovac
Inspector 2: Mislav Cavajda
Policeman Ranko: Vicko Bilandzic

Screenwriters: Jurica Pavicic and Zvonimir Juric
Producer: Ankica Juric Tilic
DOP: Marko Brdar z.f.s.
Editors: Tomislav Pavlic and Jan Klemsche
Composers: Jura Ferina and Pavao Miholjevic
Sound designer: Julij Zornik
Art director: Ivan Veljaca
Costume designer: Ivana Zozoli Vargovic
Make-up artists: Julijana Vuskovic

* Production: Kinorama for HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision)



* Pula Film Festival 2017, Pula, Croatia - Short Pula programme, Recognition for Best Croatian TV Series (Short Pula jury), Recognition for Best Croatian TV Series (Fedeora jury)
* Series Balkans 2016, Athens, Greece - FIPA selected "Road Patrol" for its FIPA Industry / Video Library section
* Dani hrvatskog filma 2016, Zagreb, Croatia - animated intro for the TV series "Road Patrol" awarded by critics award Oktavijan


* Pula Film Festival 2017, Pula, Croatia - Short Pula programme

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